Beyond Science Sessions

Beyond Science Sessions

The ESOC Conference Planning Group would like to introduce you a new session category which was added to the scientific programme this year – “Technology | Multi-Discipline | Beyond Science”.

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1 September 15:15-16:45
Hall A

Learning Objectives: This will be a highly practical session on publishing in stroke journals. The first two talks will cover guidance for the delegate on how to increase their chances of success by optimal preparation of a paper before submission, and to explain how the journal processes work and what can be done to increase the chance of acceptance. This will be followed by a session on how to review a paper, including opportunities available for reviewer training, such as the early career support provided by Stroke journal. It will finish with a talk on the many changes and challenges that are occurring in publishing, and a gaze into the future as to what the format of publishing will look like in 10 years time.

How to Prepare a Paper for Submission?
Bo Norrving (Sweden)

What Happens After Submission?
Hugh Markus (UK)

How to Review a Paper?
Ralph Sacco, USA

The Future of Publishing
Helen Frankish (UK)

Panel Discussion

Session 2:


2 September 15:45-17:15
Hall A

Learning Objectives: This session aims to discuss and debate current topics of importance to stroke in a lively and stimulating forum

‘The computer says ‘‘No’’. This house believes that all hospitals should use automated software on all patients with suspected stroke in order to guide treatment.’
FOR: George Harston (UK)
AGAINST: David Liebeskind (USA)
Audience Q&A

‘Doctor, I have white spots in my brain – what should I do?’This house believes that all patients with white matter lesions of presumed vascular origin should receive antihypertensive treatment.’
FOR: Christopher Chen (Singapore)
AGAINST: Alastair Webb (UK)
Audience Q&A

Session 3:


3 September 08:30-10:00
Hall A

ESO Guideline on Dissections
Stephanie Debette (France)

European Stroke Organisation and European Academy Neurology Joint Guidelines on Post Stroke Cognitive Impairment
Terence Quinn (UK)

European Stroke Organization and European Society for Swallowing Disorders Guideline
for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Post-Stroke Dysphagia
Rainer Dziewas (Germany)