Instructions for Convenors

Instructions for Convenors

As a convenor, you are the conference representative responsible for opening the sessions, moderating the questions coming from the audience via the live chat feature and creating a positive learning atmosphere. 


  • Introduction – Please pre-record a short (2-3 mins long) introduction which briefly outlines the main topics covered in your session and the speakers who will deliver the presentations. We will be contacting you shortly with guidelines on how to schedule time for the recording. You can record the introduction together with your co-convenor or agree for only one of you to do this task.


Please note that you have been sent login details to access and complete a Publication Consent Form – it is MANDATORY to complete this consent form for the session(s) you are chairing. Please complete this prior to recording your introduction.

  • If you are chairing a scientific session, please arrange a conference call with the speakers and your co-convenor approximately 2 months before the Conference to discuss their topics and ensure there will not be overlap between the presentations.
  • Please note that both the session and presentation titles are working titles and the speakers in your session may change them to more appealing ones as long as the topics will be covered. Presentation titles must be approved by the organiser, so please notify us of any changes.
  • You will be invited to attend a technical briefing for the live Q&A part in August. Please ensure you attend one briefing.


  • Please make sure you log into the session approximately 30 minutes before the session starts. You will receive an Outlook invitation with a link for joining your session a few days before the Conference.
  • There will be a dedicated technician from our side attending the session together with you in case you have any questions or need assistance.
  • Be ready with prepared questions for the speakers.
  • Live Q&A Part – The audience will be able to submit their questions during and after the presentations via the live chat feature. Please be prepared to moderate the questions that are in the chat queue and invite participants to type further questions or comments. We suggest you monitor the chat during the lectures. If there are too many questions for the allotted discussion time, select those you believe are most relevant.
  • Make sure that the discussion won’t go over time as this will delay the next session.
  • Thank the speakers and invite the audience to continue the conversation in the Networking Lounge of the virtual platform.


  • Scientific Sessions and Scientific Communications – All presenters’ talks will be recorded in advance and streamed live one by one during a scheduled slot in the programme. The recordings will ensure the session’s flow and quality. The session will conclude with a live panel for Q&A.

Summary of tasks for the convenors: 

  1. Pre-record a short introduction
  2. Arrange a conference call with the speakers and your co-convenor
  3. Attend a rehearsal for the Live Q&A 
  4. Attend, guide and organise the discussion
  5. Conclude the session  

For any queries, please contact

Thank you for your contribution to the ESOC 2021 Virtual Conference.